Oscar Salas

Oscar left his native Habana as a nine year old boy in 1962. His family settled in Miami. He started playing percussion soon after his brother brought home two congas and records of Los Papines, Munequitos de Matanza and Cachao jam sessions.……His talents were immediately recognized and started playing proffesionaly at age 15 then at age 17 started playing with the Pupi Campo orchestra at the Deuville Hotel in Miami Beach and then to Ceasras Palace in Las Vegas.. He met Jaco Pastorius while attending University of Miami. Their friendship and collaboration lasted until Jaco’s untimely death..

Past few decades Oscar Salas has toured and recorded extensively on all continents. Most of the time with some of the top names in the music industry,the likes of David Byrne, Jaco Pastorious, Arturo Sandoval, Eartha Kitt, Celia Cruz, Carmen Lundy, Brecker Brothers, Carlos (Patato) Valdez, Hilton Ruiz, Camilo Sesto, Othello Molineaux, Paquito Echevarria, Marlena Shaw and many, many others.

Has appeared in The Tonight show with Johny Carson, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. and numerous PBS programs. Also served in the board of advisors and was a featured performer and speaker in the Historical Museum of Southern Florida exhibition (Percussion Traditions in Miami). Created the percussion parts for Robert Ashley’s World Premiere Opera (Balseros) in collaboration with Oseku Daniel Diaz. Also created the original percussion parts for Loretta Greco’s play (Passage) presented at The Coconut Grove Playhouse. Was member of the Council of Artists for Tania Leons Musical (Drummin) presented at The Lincoln Theater by the Miami Light Project.